A Timeline Of Cher’s Vintage Oscars Looks That Will Grace Moodboards Forever

“I was dressing to go to work – presenting is work,” Cher once said of her often outrageous, always scene-stealing outfits worn to the Oscars

As her career morphed and expanded to see her win an Academy Award herself (she walked away with Best Actress for Moonstruck in 1988), the star dressed up for the occasion with a flair that only Cher can. She has since admitted feeling that the Academy didn’t like her, and her arguably ‘showgirl’ orientated aesthetic, saying: “They hated the way I dressed and I had young boyfriends so they thought I wasn’t serious. So I came out and said, ‘as you can see I got my handbook on how to dress like a serious actress’.”

Cher’s Academy Awards outfits don’t just tell the story of a life-long commitment to sheer textures and twinkling sparkle, but are an homage to her great friend and frequent collaborator, Bob Mackie, too. Since they met in the ’70s, Cher has almost exclusively worn his designs to the Awards, whether presenting or anticipating a win. 

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