Annie Doble Is Who Kate Moss Turns To For A Vintage Party Dress

In ‘Get Your Greens’, an ongoing series in line with Earth Day, British Vogue explores how the industry is advancing towards a greener future.

The moment you step into Annie’s Ibiza, any lingering post-lockdown anxiety instantly melts away. The sumptuous, gold velvet-lined emporium is brimming with flamboyant handpicked vintage. Annie Doble’s world holds a profusion of colour, sequins and feathers, all accentuated by the dreamy wildflower window display, and myriad bouquets in vintage vases by Ellie Hartley Flowers that dot every available surface. Her new boutique in the heart of Soho – a spin-off of her infamous original on Ibiza itself – has just reopened its doors, after being forced to close around 10 days after launch due to Covid. 

Doble can trace her passion for fashion, and specifically vintage, back to childhood. She says she was five when she first asked her grandmother for a subscription to British Vogue, and the weight of the 23 years’ worth of issues she stores in a room over her parents’ kitchen has caused their ceiling to crack. In her early teens, she says, she’d lie awake at night worrying that she wasn’t doing enough to save the planet. It became her biggest drive, and the inspiration behind the first vintage boutique she opened aged just 25. “I’m obsessed with history and love finding the story behind each piece. It’s what excites me.” 

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