Beyoncé Brings Back The Nameplate Necklace

When Beyoncé takes on suiting, she doesn’t settle for standard. Music’s queen loves to wear blazer dresses and fitted suits, but the pieces she and her stylist, Zerina Akers, select boast unique embellishments that set them apart. Case in point: when the star updated her Instagram this afternoon with a glimpse of the Las Vegas getaway she and husband Jay-Z enjoyed back in March, she revealed a sleek suit with a throwback detail. 

Area’s chain logo suit debuted on the brand’s spring/summer 2020 runway back in September of 2019. The opening statement of the show made a splash when model Nella Ngingo strutted out in the oversized white jacket and matching trousers covered in an array of nameplate necklaces. A combination of a classic silhouette and a streetwise accessory popularised by Black and Latinx communities in the late ’70s and embraced in hip hop culture, the look encapsulated the mash-up of past and present that inspired Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Panszczy’s collection.

The Beyoncé version was, naturally, customised to feature the singer’s name prominently. Her Area suit featured gold charms bearing her name on its lapel and scattered across the jacket’s front. She’s already a fan of jewellery bearing her moniker– fans may remember the “’Yonce” necklace from Basile and Pape Bespoke Jewelry that she wore back in 2017 in her eponymous visual album and social media posts. On Instagram, she updated with close-ups of every angle and an alternate look at the nameplates, this time worn as layered chains.

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