With KNWLS, Charlotte Knowles Unveils A Sexy New Brand Identity

Fresh out of school and enrolled in the Fashion East programme, Charlotte Knowles and her partner Alexandre Arsenault never got time to fully formulate their brand’s identity before its stratospheric rise. The pandemic allowed the pair, who split their time between Devon and south London, to hit pause, reevaluate the business and to strategise. The original brand name, which suggests a solo project and caused issues in the US, no longer felt representative of their growing pool of collaborators, and mission to become a fully-fledged luxury house. 

“[The name] needed to be concise and cryptic, while embodying the whole studio practice,” Arsenault tells British Vogue of the decision to become KNWLS. The redesigned compact logo, which Knowles says is “sharp, futuristic and sexy”, is better suited to product labelling and gives the autumn/winter 2021 collection a slick sense of precision and purpose. The starting point for the edit was born out of a more diverting kind of self-confidence, however. 

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