How To Nail A Flattering Hollywood Power Brow – By The Woman Who Invented Them

“I invented eyebrows! Well, I reinvented them, I should say, although nobody was doing them for years and years – and there were certainly no make-up products for them back then,” Anastasia Soare tells me over Zoom. You might already know Soare, who founded her eponymous beauty brand, Anastasia Beverly Hills, in 1997. She is a brow tamer extraordinaire who looks after the arches of everyone from Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and Amal Clooney to Kendall Jenner, the rest of the Kardashians and even Oprah. Think of a celebrity with full and lustrous brows, and chances are Soare has had her way with them.

Having emigrated from Romania to the United States in 1989, Soare attended art school, which is where she learned something that would go on to inform her eyebrow technique. It was Leonardo da Vinci’s Golden Ratio, a famous study of the proportions that make something aesthetically pleasing to the human eye. “A well-shaped eyebrow will create balance and proportion within the face, which creates a harmony that the human eye is encoded to recognise as beautiful,” she explains.

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