Getting To Know – Tess Dimos

So how and when did you become a model?

This is going to make me sound ancient, but over 10 years now! I got scouted when I was working at my first job at Debenhams and i didn’t follow through with it but it was always in the back of my mind. I suppose I was a little scared at the thought of it! Then I started working full time at an insurance company which was NO fun and I hated it. I’ve always been creative so with the scouting in mind I was doing shoots as a freelance on my days off or using my holiday days for it. It got to a point where I was really unhappy at work and knew my heart was in the creative industry, so I sent any pictures of shoots I’d done to MOT Models and I got signed with them. I left my job at the insurance company, and the rest is history!

You always have to follow where your heart belongs! What’s the most challenging shoot you’ve ever done?

I lived in India for 3 months. Some of the shoots were really long days and early call times. I remember one particular job, the call time was 3am and we didn’t finish until midnight the next day. I was barely allowed to sit down in the garments as they would crease. That was a tough day but luckily no work on the next day!

That sounds extremely harsh but I bet it was still an unforgettable experience. What’s your favourite type of photoshoot? i.e commercial, fashion.

I love both to be honest! With fashion you can be more creative which is amazing but it’s not as well paid as commercial. So both are good for those reasons. Also with commercial it tends to be more upbeat as you’re constantly fake smiling which actually sends signals to your brain to tell you you’re really happy!

What’s your favourite shoot you’ve ever done?

This is such a tough one. My husband and I got booked on a job in Nice (France) for a beer brand. Our little girl was just over a year old and it was the first time we had been away together just as 2 since having Athina. It was memorable. But honestly there’s been so many I’ve loved for difference reasons. I love working for my regular clients as they’re all such a laugh, I love working with Haris Nukem as his vision is just my jam. I also acted in a Bollywood film (Raabta) and worked alongside the late Sushant Singh Rajput who was a wonderful man to work with. 

Wow, so many incredible experiences, what an amazing life. Do you still feel like your learning?

Modelling wise, not really. Which is fine, I feel safe in this job for that reason actually. If I have to act in something, yes. I don’t think you ever stop learning with acting.

Is there anyone in the industry you would particularly like to work with?

I would really love to work with David Bailey & Wes Anderson! Brand wise Levi’s would be a dream.

Do you ever think you’ll stop modelling?

It’s a tough one, I know you can do modelling at any age. And especially now there’s no “ideal” in this industry. So I always think I’ll dibble and dabble but my focus has started to shift more towards acting, DJ’ing and I’ve always wanted to study psychology so I feel like that will be on the cards in the not so distant future. I’ve always wanted to help people and I find the mind fascinating.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m a mum of an almost 3 year old, so you can gather what my time is spent doing haha. But aides of spending time with Athina, I love playing music & painting!

What a stunning name! What’s next for you in your career?

Unfortunately the current situation (dare I mention Covid!) it’s hard to say. But I’m staying level headed amongst the chaos and leaving myself open to new opportunities. I have amazing regular clients and I balance it all quite well with doing some creative shoots with other photographers. My focus has taken a turn however, so who knows what the future holds for my career! I can never see myself not doing anything creative, even if it’s in my spare time or part time. But I love learning new things and I like a challenge. So let’s see..

They say a creative can turn their hand to anything… Do you have any advice for aspiring models?

Don’t have any high expectations that it’s all glamour and that you’ll be shooting for Vogue straight away. It’s a hard industry to be in, more so because there’s a lot of models nowadays so there’s a lot of competition. It’s not so much about looks I’ve found, but more about personality. So make sure that always shines through your pictures and at castings. People will rebook you if you’re fun to work with! Don’t be scared to be yourself, that’s what it’s all about. Take risks but also be smart. When you book your first big job, save that money as best you can. It’s difficult to not spend it straight away! We have all been there! Despite the graft, don’t give up. If it’s what you really want you will absolutely accomplish it. Patience is everything!

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