getting to know – Saffron Reeve

So can you remember the moment you decided you wanted to be a model or did you just get scouted?

I had never thought about doing modeling as a job before, but I was scouted when I was super young at 12 years old. I was walking along the beach in my hometown when a woman approached me and asked if I was interested in modeling, I remember being super excited and running home to tell my mum haha!

Wow 12 years old, that’s incredibly young. How old were you when you first got signed?

I signed with my first agency in London at 13 years old shortly after I was scouted

How does it logistically work with being signed with different agencies in different countries?

Generally how it works is you have your “mother agency” which is usually based in your home country, and they place you in different cities around the world such as Milan, Paris, London and New York being the main ones, but it depends on your look and where you will work the best! Your mother agency will choose to send you on placement for a few months at a time to different cities, this way you can try out a variety of markets.

What’s the thing you love most about being a model?

For me it’s the traveling that I enjoy the most! Constantly being in a new city and experiencing new surroundings and cultures, its a huge blessing that I’ve been able to visit as many countries as I have at a young age. Also I love that everyday is different, you are always meeting new people which is super cool.

Travelling is such a blessing. Is there anything you dislike?

Of course with every job comes likes and dislikes, you just have to find a good balance. For me being on long shoots in studios that last from sunrise to sunset where you tend to be standing around a lot can sometimes be exhausting. But I find that interacting with the team as much as you can and focusing on being in the moment can help a lot.

What’s the most challenging shoot you have ever done?

We were shooting an editorial for Tatler magazine on a beach in England on a windy cold day and it was FREEZING haha. The photographer wanted to get some cool shots of me standing on the edge of some very high rocks next to the cliff, I had to climb to the top in a long dress, and stand on the very edge whilst wearing heels (you can imagine how stable it was on a rock) whilst holding my arms out like I was flying.. the wind was blowing very strong and I remember being so scared and thinking I was definitely going to fall down haha! I think it took a good hour to get a good shot without me looking worried

That sounds genuinely terrifying!! What’s the highlight of your career so far?

Walking one of my first shows in Milan for MaxMara when I was 18!

Do you feel the pressure to keep your body looking a certain way?

I definitely felt pressured at the beginning of my career, and had my fair share of negative thoughts around my body, eating, and if I was “skinny” enough to be a model. But I started to learn a lot about nutrition and exercise throughout my career, as I wanted to know how to keep myself not only looking good but also feeling good. Now eating healthy and working out Is just my normal lifestyle and a huge passion of mine that I wouldn’t have explored as much if it weren’t for modeling. It’s all about being aware of what works best for your body and knowing that everyone has a different body type, so you should never compare yourself to others. Over the past few years of looking after my body the best I can, I am more confident than ever in my own skin and don’t worry about looking a certain way in the industry. I believe that the right jobs will come to you by being yourself and feeling confident in your body.

Real talk, looking after yourself is too important. Are there any brands and photographers you aspire to work with?

I would love to do a perfume campaign for a big brand one day, It’s also a dream of mine to work with Yves Saint Laurent! They have a super cool vibe and aesthetic.


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