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Paris Fashion Week Spring 2019

Highlights of Paris Fashion Week

  –  Louis Vuitton: Nicholas Ghesquière is in a groove at Louis Vuitton, and his collection was not as much about going in one direction, but more about a futuristic approach to how his woman (aka the new and improved LV girl) should dress.
Everything felt forward-thinking, even the pieces that so clearly called to ’80s silhouettes. Blouson sleeves, strong shoulders, micro minis, and Ghesquière’s version of street-style worthy space suits were just a few things on offer.
If you’re looking for Nicholas to show full-throttle evening, don’t hold your breath; you’re going to have to wait patiently for his muses–like Emma Stone, Michelle Williams, and Alicia Vikander–to walk the red carpet in something custom.
  –  Chanel: Let’s go to the beach, the water’s fine,” said Karl Lagerfeld. Or at least he implied it through an array of by-the-sea ready looks shown on an actual sandy shore, right in the center of the Grand Palais.
If you’re planning the most-luxe summer trip, head to Chanel and stock up on biker shorts, summer suiting, loads of accessories, and cocktail options you can wear from the beach club to the boardwalk. Per Lagerfeld’s standard in-theme shows, this one stuck to it’s inspiration closely, veering off only towards the end when a suite of sheer, embroidered, and layered midnight blue and black eveningwear hit the sand–but in looks still easy enough to sport once you’ve kicked your shoes off for a walk on the shore.
The show’s branded shirting and cardigans are going to be must-haves, as are the array of hats, piped nautical blazers, and C-H-A-N-E-L branded belts.
  –  Stella McCartney: Stella McCartney shows Cali casual clothes in the most opulent space Paris has to offer.
Setting what she calls “dirty pastels” and washed out neons against gilded walls for the ultimate contrast.
There were tie-dye jumpsuits, slouchy suiting, organic denim, knit pants and silk slip dresses and satin shorts for that “just-rolled out of bed and look this cool” insouciance.
  –  Balenciaga: One can hardly utter the name Balenciaga without dollar bills virtually falling from the sky. The house that Demna rebuilt is rolling in the dough, and Spring 2019 stayed on plot, this time with a less sporty more streamlined, tailored approach.
Where last season you got seven or so coats at once, all with bold shoulders, Spring brought just one at a time, a great trench, a Matrix-worthy leather single breasted cost, a sculptural hot pink number.
Lest you forget its Parisian progeny, there were Eiffel Tower prints. And the decade to emulate continues to be the ‘80s, celebrated in richly hued silk satin draped gowns and a neon green bustier. The show took place in a video screen of flowing lava, we think it goes without saying, Balenciaga is (still) so hot right now.
  –  Hermès: Hermès brought the fashion set to the racecourse for its Spring 2019 show.
Much like its venue, the collection was both sporty and elegant—without delving into a campy take on equestrian style.
There were impeccable buttery leather separates, utilitarian-inspired pieces, pops of Hermès orange, and sporty suiting that all redefined the concept of athlesiure.
No yoga pants or sneakers in sight, the Hermès take on sporty is a sophisticated refresher.
  –  Balmain: Egypt served as a major source of inspiration to Olivier Rousteing this season–but he found it by way of Paris. After all, the famous I. M. Pei Pyramide du Louvre is one of many subtle hints to Egyptian art that we have long considered unequivocally French.
Thanks to Rousteing, French it now is, with Balmain versions of all things Egyptian. Pyramid-esque embroidery appeared later in the show, and the most stunning mummy-esque mini dress (pictured here) walked the runway right after Cara Delevigne’s opening appearance. The supermodel and actress sang along to “When Doves Cry” as she strutted the runway donning a satin tuxedo with a shirt-sleeved wrapped pant and a metal crop-top underpinning that felt like Cleopatra-esque armor.
Don’t worry, there was loads of straight-up Paris style too, with a sultry twist that only Balmain can provide–boyfriend jeans, Breton stripes, and loads of layering have never been so sexy.

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